Our Services

Full-Service Wedding Planning

When you need to coordinate all facets of your wedding, a Full-Service Wedding Planner will take care of the details from A to Z.

From the venue, flowers, and decorations to the food, photographer, and entertainment – we’ll do it all! We will relinquish all the stress of planning while still allowing you the control to have exactly what you envisioned for your special day.

Proposal Planning

Planning the perfect marriage proposal is important and it’s more than just picking a location.
It’s about taking into account many different things including the number of people who are involved, your budget, where you want to go, how do you want to ask, and of course most importantly how to get there.

Event Consulting

We offer consulting services for:
-venues ( event execution, operations, and sales)
– event companies (how to start and grow your business)

Event Planning

Whether it’s a shower, birthday party, corporate function, or any other type of event, we do it all!

Be sure to contact us so we can put together a customized package for you.

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